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Jeané Coakley, SNY Jets Reporter:Second-year tight end Konrad Reuland is fighting for time in the tight end rotation. Last season, Rex Ryan called Reuland a jack-of-all trades and someone who does the jobs nobody else wants to.

I recently caught up with Reuland...

Jeane Coakley: How’s camp been for you?

Konrad Reuland: It’s been good. Just focusing on becoming a better all-around player. I’ve done some good things out there. On the other hand, there is always room for improvement, so just working on all aspects of my game and trying to get better, which in turn helps out the team.

Coakley: How is that tight ends room?

Reuland: It is awesome. We have a coach who is really fun, a great guy to be around. He keeps it light, keeps it fun. But we stay focused, as well, and we get work done. The other five tight ends that are with us now are all great guys. There is no animosity, just a healthy competition with us. It’s great to have a bunch of guys that we actually enjoy being around. It’s a good group.

Coakley: As a tight end, you do a lot of the dirty work. Do you enjoy that?

Reuland: I love it. I always say, anything I can do to help the team. I don’t mind doing the dirty work. I don’t mind doing the things that lets someone else get the accolades. I just want to take care of my job. I want everyone on my team to know I am going to take care of my job, so they can take care of theirs. Whatever my role is, I’m going to embrace it. I just want to help the team and help us make the playoffs and help us make a run.

Time for ten random questions...

Your first car?

Reuland: 1998 Silver Dodge Durango. My parents bought it from my grandparents for my 17th birthday.

Favorite Food?

Reuland: My mom’s homemade Lithuanian dish. Basically, they're pork and vegetable dumplings. She makes her own noodles with it and you put bacon gravy and sour cream on it. It’s my favorite.

How long have you known Mark Sanchez?

Reuland: We met in the 5th grade playing AAU basketball together. My dad was the head coach, his dad was the assistant coach. That’s when it all started. Played basketball all throughout middle school together, traveling all over the country and continued that in high school.

Are you a better basketball player than him?

Reuland: Hands down, I’m the better basketball player. No questions about it. Mark can ball a little bit though, I’ll give that to him. (laughs)

One thing people don’t know about you?

Reuland: I lived in Germany for a year. My dad emigrated when he was young, with my grandparents, to the United States. My parents sent me to go live my relatives in Germany for the 8th grade.

Do you speak German?

Reuland: I speak fluent German.

If you weren’t playing football you would be...

Reuland: There are so many things I want to do after I am done playing. I want to get into real estate and start my own business. I also want to possibly pursue sports commentating, and if things went really well, I’d be playing basketball in Europe somewhere.

Next trip?

Reuland: want to go to the Mediterranean. I want to go to Greece.

Your roommate?

Reuland: The Aussie, Hayden Smith

What can Jet fans expect from you this season?

Reuland: They can expect 100 percent effort on every play. They can expect me to get my job done, whatever it is. And they can expect me to be a team guy to do whatever it takes on offense, special teams or whatever they need me to do. A guy who buys into the system and puts his best foot forward every day, and tries to make the team better by any means necessary.

Jeané is SNY's Jets reporter. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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