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Rising Jets defensive star Quinton Coples isn't all that concerned about how he'll fit into his new role as a rush linebacker and according to Coples, should he get tasked with covering the tight end, he can do that too according to Seth Walder's report on Coples in the Daily News.

“Dustin Keller? I wouldn’t let him get off the line,” Coples said. “That’s the best way to cover, ain’t it?”

But Coples didn’t stop with his former teammate, who is now on the Dolphins. He even said he has a plan to stop the Patriots’ Gronkowski, who has lit up the league for 38 TDs in his first three seasons.

“Yeah. Just don’t let him get off the line,” said Coples, before admitting that with Gronk, “I won’t just be one-on-one with him, I’ll have help.”

Coples is one of the key parts in what the Jets defense will do in 2013, but coverage will be a very small part of what he'll be doing.  Coples will most often used on the weakside of the formation and will have primary responsbilities for the edge and getting to the passer.  Now, that doesn't mean to say that teams won't motion or put a tight end to his side of the formation, but when Rex Ryan designates players as linebackers -- most notably rush linebackers -- they don't pick up an inordinate amount of coverage.

The point here is that Coples will still be doing what he does best, which will be to attack the ballcarrier.  As Bent showed, Coples looks to be successful from anywhere and adding coverage responsibilities won't slow him down.

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