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Quinton Coples got a wake up call a few weeks ago from the Jets coach, but he's working it through.

Neither player nor coach have talked about the perceived lack of effort with Coples saying it was a “first-time experience for me” and that he has never been called out before. He called it a “wake-up” call.

“I wouldn’t say I got comfortable, it was during a drill, it was videotaped and I could have given better effort,” Coples said. “The next day when we came back here, I gave a better effort to make sure it wouldn’t happen again.”

Coples is so physically talented and it's good to see that he realized that Rex is watching him closely and his coach expects nothing less than his best.  Coples led the team as a rookie with 5.5 sacks, and if he adjusts to his new role next year and can be more featured because of it, I'd expect him to double that number this year.
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