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Julio Jones is excited to match up against Jets CB Antonio Cromartie, per ESPN, but Jones thinks the Falcons advantage comes thanks to another player on the team.

"He’s a very athletic, long, rangy corner," Jones said of Cromartie. "And he’s got great speed."

The 6-foot-3, 220-pound Jones could be shadowed by the 6-foot-2, 210-pound Cromartie during Monday night’s Falcons-Jets matchup on ESPN. At least that’s what Jones saw Cromartie do during a preseason matchup with Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson.

"He matched Johnson the whole time, so it’s a possibility," Jones said. "But when you’ve got two great receivers on one team, it’s not telling who they’re going to match: me or Roddy (White)."

The play of Kyle Wilson, Darrin Walls, Ellis Lankster, et al will be very important to the outcome of this game.  Julio Jones is a special talent, but Roddy and Harry are capable receivers and even if the Jets can contain Julio Jones, it will mean nothing if they can't defend elsewhere.  Matt Ryan is a capable quarterback and is good at getting the ball away before he takes a sack.  Walls played well in the preseason and played well in spots, but unfortunately had a tough game last week in the starting role.  Putting Wilson back in for more work (dodges rotten tomatoes) and using the rest of the secondary situationally might be best ... but we'll see what the Jets do when they line up tonight.
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