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Bloggers, media and sport fans used to heap scorn on Bleacher Report, mainly due to some questionable user-generated content that damaged the site's reputation in its infancy. However, since their big money deal with Turner 18 months ago, they've added some talented and respected names as featured writers and a great deal of their content is now well worth checking out.

One of the featured writers they added to their roster was draft scouting guru and former TJB Podcast guest Matt Miller, who -- along with several other film junkies -- has been spearheading the B/R NFL 1000 project, where they attempt to rank the NFL's top 1,000 players. The project is now into its third year and they've now completed this year's results. For more on how the project works go here.

In our final installment, we look at their rankings for punters and kickers. To look back at the previous updates go here.

In their top 32 punters list, Miller and his colleagues rank Ryan Quigley 22nd and Robert Malone (who was cut after week two) 28th. In the top 32 kickers list, Nick Folk was ranked 4th.

Here's what they said about Folk:

The Jets got it right when they brought in Folk, and he rewarded them with top-notch kicking. Given the windy, unpredictable conditions in MetLife Stadium, he has to be applauded.
Read Bent's thoughts after the jump.

Folk had a terrific season and deserves to be high up in the rankings. However there were a lot of kickers that had amazing years last year, so in some respects, I'm surprised he was that high. You could easily make a case for Stephen Gostkowski (#7) being at least on a par with Folk last season, for example. Folk is the most reliable kicker the Jets have had for years, though, so it's good that they locked him up long term.

Quigley did reasonably well last year, but was nothing special and a below average grade seems fair. It probably says something about the standard of punting around the league that Malone still made the list despite getting cut after two games.

That brings me to my biggest problem with these lists. Why extend the punter list to the extent that guys who didn't play in the final 15 weeks of the season are included in the study when the outside linebacker list was too short to include a guy with 10 sacks (Calvin Pace) and two players among the leaders at their position in production (Dimitri Patterson and Kenrick Ellis) were omitted from the study because of insufficient playing time?

Overall, we mustn't underestimate the scope of this project and the amount of work involved in covering all 32 teams compared with the in-depth coverage we've come to expect from people who just cover the Jets. Unfortunately, that's led us to uncover quite a few generalizations, misrepresentations and contradictions when evaluating their reviews of the Jets players included in the study.

Still, it's provided us with some good discussion fodder to bridge the gap between the end of the season and the draft, which hopefully you've enjoyed reading. Will I do this again next year, though? Probably not...

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