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While Antonio Cromartie thinks he could be the best if he wants to, he's much more concerned about building the best defense and team in the league, and that comes across in Brian Costello's article for the NY Post about Cromartie and his burgeoning role as a leader of the team.

“I couldn’t care less if someone said I’m the best corner in the NFL,” Cromartie said. “I really don’t care about that. I’m more focused on, ‘Am I doing the right things and are the young guys doing the right things they need to be doing?’ If we’re all playing as one, our whole secondary is the best. That’s the way I’m looking at it.”

Cromartie’s presence on the roster made it easier for the Jets to trade Revis. While Revis is generally recognized as the best in the game, there was not any noticeable dropoff when Cromartie stepped in last year.

Cromartie is extremely talented, has the size and the skill to be among the best in the league and is in the type of defense that will play to his strengths.  Working with Revis for three years we're sure Cromartie has learned a lot, and it sounds as if he has matured during his time in the league.  While he took over on the field after Darrelle Revis's injury last year, the absence of Revis has clearly allowed him to step out of the shadows and take a more active role as a leader of the team.  Between now and training camp, Cro will be hosting a number of players to workout in California.

In case you've not seen any of his workouts, here's some clips from YouTube ...

ESPN Sweat Spot from his Chargers days.

Here's the NFL Films crew filming his offseason workout for Hard Knocks.

Reaction skills.

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