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  • Rex Ryan still will start Sanchez. [ESPN NY]
  • Dyer is waiting for the other shoe to drop. [CBS NY]
  • The Jets couldn't get anything going yet again. [Examiner]
  • Kerley's muffed punt was a turning point. [Record]
  • The defense played tough as long as they could. [Record]
  • Another week and in the end it was the same role for Tebow yet again. [ESPN NY]
Oh and do me this favor, go back and read these comments from Calvin Pace last week.  I guess the Jets are still looking for that dare to be great situation.

“We’re looking for that truly defining moment to our season, and this has got to be a defining moment for us, because we can’t be 3-6, that just cannot happen,’’ Pace said. “I believe in the guys. I think adversity really does show what your character is, show what your team is all about.

“There is one of two things you’re going to do. You’re either going to rise up to the occasion or fall by the wayside. I think we’re going to rise up to the occasion. If we get this win here, we’ve got a chance. Just looking at some of the teams we have in front of us, we’ve got a chance.’’

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