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Here's some interesting analysis from a Q&A that Justin Terranova did of former Jet lineman Damien Woody for the NY Post.

There's a whole series of questions, but here's the one relevant to Monday night.

Q: What has to happen for them to have a chance against the Falcons on Monday night?

A: Bilal Powell has become their best weapon. One thing we saw in the Falcons-Patriots game is that they are vulnerable to the running game. So, if the Jets can run inside and take the ball away from the Falcons, then they have a shot. The Falcons are having some real issues on the offensive line, so I think that the defensive front can really get after them. The question is can they hold up on the back end against Julio Jones, Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez.

Granted, Woody is a former offensive lineman so it would make sense that he would want the Jets to take advantage Bilal Powell and the running game.  Our main concern about running the ball against the Falcons based on how the Patriots fared is dangerous.  Yes, the Falcons can be exposed, but the main difference here is that it is Geno Smith, not Tom Brady at the controls.  Against Brady, the Falcons would be hesitant to put eight in the box.  Against Smith, the Falcons can feel more free to let that safety come down to the line of scrimmage more often.

The Falcons defensive front can be taken advantage of, but the Jets have to be selective in how they do it.

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