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While Darrelle Revis was cleared for some physical activity yesterday, today Revis ride the exercise bike during practice.  It's still unknown as to whether or not Revis will play come Sunday, but Rex Ryan told the press that they have set a deadline for when they would make the call on their star cornerback's availability.

"By Saturday, we'd better know something, whether he's going [to play against Pittsburgh] or not," Ryan told reporters.  "This coach would never put a player out on the field if there's a higher risk of him getting injured. There's no way in heck I'd do it."

On what Revis's threshhold for playing or not playing, Rex was absolute, "if he's not 100 percent, Darrelle won't play" Ryan said. "It's as simple as that."

While this is certainly cause for concern, I'm not going to call Revis out just yet.  When asked yesterday, Ryan said that Revis wouldn't be able to practice until at least "later in the week" ... it's 100% tea leaf reading, but tomorrow doesn't sound like "later" to me.  I  will wait until we see what happens tomorrow.  If Revis still hasn't practiced tomorrow, then his likelihood of not playing go up dramatically.

Ryan is cautious with his players and is especially so with his star / longtime veteran players over the course of the season.  He'd rather give them too much rest on the front end and not risk the longer term.  Except when Nick Mangold's absence sends the line into utter chaos.  The Jets are going to have a tall order in beating Pittsburgh, so Revis is a key piece to the defense's ability to stop the Steelers, but if he's not able to go, that's no excuse.  The Jets have two other first round cornerbacks and Cromartie has matched up decently on Wallace in the past.  This could be a good chance for Kyle Wilson to showcase his skills at the #2 spot over the more tricky slot corner spot.  Wilson has indicated in the past he prefers playing against the boundary, and if Revis can't go, then he'll get that edge.

If Revis can't play then it also means that we'll have to watch out for Ellis Lankster.  He didn't see as many snaps on defense as Trufant did last week as he recovers from injury ... is Lankster ready to resume in earnest his 4th (potentially 3rd) corner duties?

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