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The NFL might be getting past the concussion lawsuits, but another major concern

According to Michael O'Keefe, an investigate sports journalist for the Daily News, the Drug Enforcement Administration has "quietly launched an investigation into the abuse of prescription medication in NFL locker rooms." (Daily News, July 12)

So far, DEA agents from the administration's New York bureau have been in contact with former NFL players, team doctors and trainers to understand how players get access serious narcotics like Percodan and Vicodin or nonaddictive prescription anti-inflammatory drugs like Toradol.

“They want to find out who provided and distributed the drugs to football players,” one source told the Daily News.

The DEA has been investigating the NFL on this matter dating back to 2010 when the New Orleans Saints alleged prescription painkiller cover up made headlines.

While some might jump on the Daily News, this is a story that Michael O'Keefe and the Daily News has been following for the paper dating back to at least 2010.  The first big story to hit the public was the New Orleans painkiller coverup in 2010, which Gary Myers reported on for the Daily News.  O'Keefe has also written about current former Jet and current SNY analyst Ray Lucas problems with painkiller abuse back in 2010.

We wrote about the NFL's substance abuse policies in response to Antonio Cromartie's comments back in February. (TJB, February 5)

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