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According to Liz Mullen of Sports Business Journal, Jets top draft pick Dee Milliner has chosen his new representation after firing his agency after what he apparently deemed poor draft results.

Milliner fired Impact Sports back on May 10, though news didn't reach journalists until late last week. Per Mullen's report, the former Alabama corner has already signed with Pat Dye & Bill Johnson -- and this has happened after waiting the necessary five-business-day waiting period expired.  Dye & Johnson's agency merged a few years back with Jimmy Sexton's larger group.  Under that larger banner some other Jets of note represented are Rex Ryan and Calvin Pace.

When Milliner made the switch, he has become the second Jets rookie to fire his representation, after West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith parted ways with Select Sports in late April.

I hazarded a guess that Jay-Z might be sniffing around another New York athlete, but that seems to not be the case.  Good to know that at least this is behind him.  It's extremely rare that two players drafted by the Jets would both leave their agency after disappointing draft results, but there's a first time for everything.  It seemed an odd move to fire an agency over four draft spots, but we don't know the full story there.

A number of Jets players are already signed and now that this is settled we'll expect that they will all get into camp on time and signed with their new agencies.

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