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There's been a lot of speculation about teams inquiring about DeSean Jackson's potential to be traded from the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Jets have been among the names rumored to have expressed some unknown level of interest.

While it seems more and more likely that Jackson has played his last down in Philly, Chip Kelly reached out Jackson to tell him he wants the receiver to be a major part of his offense in 2014.  That may be, but according to this Charlotte Observer article, the Eagles are the ones gauging interest from other teams.

The Carolina Panthers were among the teams the Philadelphia Eagles informally reached out to in order to gauge their interest in a possible trade for wide receiver DeSean Jackson, a league source told the Observer.
This won't be a Percy Harvin situation all over again, but one would have to think that the asking price for DeSean Jackson could be a bit pricey.  In addition to any draft picks to grab Jackson, the receiver is reported to want a new contract.

Last year the Jets were reportedly interested in WR Tavon Austin, a player they missed by one pick.  This year the team has put out feelers on players like Emmanuel Sanders and Andrew Hawkins.  The former a poor man's and the latter a destitute man's version of DeSean Jackson.  The Jets have an interest in filling that role and have been unsuccessful thus far in doing so.

Why is it important?  Marty Mornhinweg is always lumped in as being a West Coast Offense advocate, which generally people consider as short passing almost exclusively.  While that might have been true 20 years ago, the modern NFL WCO involves using deep balls to stretch defenses and take advantage of over-aggressive coverage schemes.  A deep threat who can get behind (and hopefully get lost among) an overaggressive or even zone defense is invaluable to a play caller like Mornhinweg.  Stephen Hill was drafted to be such a player, but has not turned out to be so.

The question of course is can Geno Smith find that open deep man?  As this post by Bent demonstrates, while Hill struggles, it wasn't all his fault.  To get a player like DeSean, the Jets will need a quarterback who can take advantage of such a player.

I like that the Jets are inquiring and think it would be a good fit for the team, but at the same time I also would be very surprised if the Jets made a move as bold as this.

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