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Ian Rapoport writes for that there's a lot of rumors circulating during the first few days of the Combine, one of which we are all too aware of revolving around the Jets.

How serious are the New York Jets about trading star cornerback Darrelle Revis? It's been a month since rumors emerged about New York possibly trading Revis, and the Jets have done nothing to minimize that talk. They seem to be very seriously considering the immediate and long-term impact of sending their best player (and his looming contract renegotiation) packing. This would do more than merely produce the biggest NFL trade in years; it would also signal a rebuilding year for Gang Green, which would be bad news for Rex Ryan.
We all know that a "rebuild" in the NFL doesn't take that long, so doing so might not have as far-reaching impact as all that.  Trading Revis for the Jets might not be so much about rebuilding, but instead be a pragmatic approach by an ownership that won't commit to paying their best player what he wants.  Without the ability to franchise him in 2014, it's the only chance the Jets will get to recoup anything before he walks out the door.

So even if it is less about rebuilding than pragmatism, Rex can't continue to get his players to buy into his coaching, then that is what is going to be problematic.  We get the sense that Woody Johnson wants it to work out with Rex; Ryan's implementation of the Jets defense on the whole has been impressive, but Woody isn't forever pinned to the idea of Rex as his coach with the failings of the offense recently and Rex's total inability to address it.  Woody is willing to give it some time and has to be realistic that this season could go both ways for the Jets.  In the end it's going to come down to whether or not the players still repsect and fight for their coach come Week 17 more than anything else.

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