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Could some of the players the Jets just cut be returning to the fold in 2013?  Possibly, writes Kristian Dyer who had some very juicy nuggets in today's Metro on who might return and who Jets fans can expect to move on in 2013.  

Emphasis is mine.

Bart Scott

Multiple team and league sources have told Metro New York that the Jets are willing to renegotiate a deal with Scott at a lesser cap hit. League sources tell Metro New York he’s also interested in a return to Baltimore or possibly playing for the crosstown rival, the Giants.
Calvin Pace
A team source said Pace is not expected back with the Jets at a lesser salary.
Eric Smith
The move to cut ties with Eric Smith, a favorite of head coach Rex Ryan and a versatile player who also excelled on special teams, has more to do with the Jets wanting to retain free agent safety LaRon Landry in addition to developing young players Josh Bush and Antonio Allen. Eric Smith, valued for his ability to grasp the playbook and widely praised around the locker room, could be back on a contract with less of a salary camp implication.
Jason Smith
A team source said Jason Smith could be willing to come back for the 2013 season at a greatly reduced rate provided he was willing to play a versatile role on the offensive line. It is a role similar to what Hunter and Rob Turner have played with the Jets in previous seasons.
So .. there are players that the Jets might find ways to reunite with ... or that cutting certain players might allow others to get re-signed.  Jason Smith was never going to see his money one way or another, but he was effective in his backup role.
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