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Everyone loves to give opinions on the Jets quarterback situation, but if there's one viewpoint that might be the singularly most compelling and damning perspective, it's that of short-time backup Drew Stanton. In a brilliantly thought-out and executed article, Bob Glauber gets Stantons's perspective on his tenure with the Jets, and provides some much-needed triangulation on the whole Jets quarterback affair this season.

The whole article is worth your time, but here's what Stanton said was the biggest reason that he signed with the Jets, via Newsday.

What really sealed the deal for Stanton to sign with the Jets was the assurance he said he received from the team that he'd get some playing time in the event Sanchez played poorly.

"Had Mark struggled, they said I'd have a chance to play," Stanton said. "So there was no better opportunity than that, and I was excited about it."

It's unclear just what circumstances would have been required for Stanton to play, because only days before his signing, the Jets extended Sanchez's contract in a deal that included $20 million in guaranteed salary.

When Glauber approached Tannenbaum about what Stanton had said, Tannenbaum declined comment citing team rules.

When the Jets restructued Sanchez's deal the last time, it was obvious that the team was giving themselves a two-year ejector seat on his deal.  So any news that the Jets might be privately less than enthused about Sanchez is not the revelation.

But Stanton gives us a very interesting view into the maneuvers of this front office.  It's realistic that Stanton would have a sour grapes attitude on the whole situation, but at this point, what's his motivation to make stuff up about the Jets with his named attached?  As we'll all recall, the Jets were unwilling to pay the higher dollar figures that other teams were doling out this offseason for backups, so one of the hooks that they would have had was to tell prospective backup QBs that they'd get a shot to play, even if they took less than they might want.

Does it make what Stanton says untrue?  No.  Does that mean the team was lying to Stanton?  No, not necessarily.  But it does shed some light that they'd be willing to even if in side conversations with potential backups and drive that competitive wedge against their avowed starter.  If the Jets were so adamant about Mark Sanchez being their starter, they'd never even utter those words to a potential cheapie backup.

More than anything, it gives me clarity on what the Jets said to Tebow in their conversations with him.  If they were telling a hanger-on with no clout like Drew Stanton he'd get a shot to play if Sanchez struggled, what do you think they were telling Tebow in a competitive bid against Jacksonville? 

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