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There have been other stories about DL coach Karl Dunbar and his skin condition that we've noted already here on the blog, but here is another good one that Brian Costello wrote for the Post. While Dunbar is proud of who he is, he related a story to Costello about how (just like fans) coaches too can be creatures of habit when it comes to messing with whatever's working.

Dunbar’s skin is extremely sensitive to the sun and he must always cover up when he is outside. He did not wear a hat for the Jets game with the Jaguars last week because it was raining at kickoff. The sun later came out, which caused sunburn on his head.

“My wife said why didn’t you put on a hat?” Dunbar said. “I said we were playing so well in the first half, I couldn’t put on a hat in the second half and have us lose.”

An easy solution on game day would be for Dunbar to sit in the press box, where many coaches watch the game.

“No,” Dunbar said. “I’m a D-line coach and D-line coaches are like sergeants who need to be in the battle with their men. You need to be able to feel it. You need to be able to correct things on the fly on the field and you have to be able to see it and get your guys emotionally charged.”

We have been outspoken about our love for coach Dunbar since the team brought him in and the work that he's done with his players.  His work in Minnesota speaks for itself and in New York he's helping to shape Wilkerson and Coples into two players that the Jets might be able to base their front seven around in the coming years.

Dunbar's defensive line is going to get a good shot Monday night to make a name for themselves on a national stage against a banged up offensive line of the Titans, but they are also going to have to deal with a mobile quarterback in Jake Locker and one of the league's most explosive running backs in CJ2K.  We'll look for a fun matchup from Dunbar and his crew.

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