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Former Jets tight end Dustin Keller spoke to Sirius XM yesterday and was asked about playing in New York. Keller made it plain that there was a lot of attention paid to the team, maybe in some cases moreso than need be. "There's always some type of nonsense going on," Keller told Jim Miller on NFL Radio. "When you're in the New York media [market], I can't say you're used to that -- there's always going to be distractions -- but this was really more so than anywhere else. You're talking about a team, we didn't even go to the playoffs the year before (2011), but it seemed like we were in the media more than anybody else ... for the wrong reasons. And you never want that."

Keller also spoke about his friend Mark Sanchez and the introduction of Tim Tebow and Geno Smith to the roster. "I think he definitely didn't like the fact that those moves were made," Keller said. "I don't think those were things that made him happy. Could it be something that pushed him? I think maybe. I'm not quite sure, but it definitely lit a fire under him. I've talked to him a couple of times this offseason and he's been working. I think you can expect some good things from him."

There was a lot of attention paid to the Jets in 2011. They had just come off back to back AFC Championships, their coach was bold as brass and they had done Hard Knocks to critical acclaim the year prior.  There were a lot of reasons why the Jets 2011 flameout was so closely watched, still it didn't make the hard times any easier with so much attention being paid to the team, but you can understand why the local and national media wouldn't want to look away from a wreck.  Leading into last season, the level of nonsense around the Jets was extremely high.  After a gruesome postseason autopsy that had a lot of unnamed players pointing fingers, there was the addition of Tim Tebow to the roster and the non-stop assault by ESPN began in earnest.

As far as Sanchez, of course he wouldn't like to share the spotlight.  But Tim Tebow was never a legitimate threat and if Sanchez allowed his presence to get into his head, then that's not very good.  Smith's presence now is a clear sign to Sanchez that his window is quickly closing in New York, and if two quarterback acquisitions  in question can't light a fire under him, then nothing will.

We've heard about Mark Sanchez, how hard-working and dedicated he's been from the start.  We've heard about Mark Sanchez and the lengths he goes to to forge relationships with those around him.  We've heard about Mark Sanche and how he's significantly matured over the years.  All that's remaining is how great a player he's become ...

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