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Good news for the Jets on Wednesday as Dustin Keller revealed that he was 'positive' that he was going to play come Sunday for the Jets against the Colts, per Greg Logan on

Keller returned to practice on a limited basis Wednesday and said he's "positive" he will play Sunday against the Colts at MetLife Stadium.

It's possible Keller's presence will restore the high-percentage aspect of the Jets' passing game for Sanchez. "It could be," Keller said. "I think just because of the time Mark and I spend together in the film room breaking things down and knowing what guys are trying to do, it makes things easier for us. We have that connection, knowing what each other is thinking."

Since Sanchez has come to the Jets, Keller has led or come in second in targets all three years, so the two tend to have more consistency than most of the players that have been through the organization in that time.

It's great news that Dustin Keller will be playing this weekend, but Sanchez's issues so far this year seem to go beyond just Keller's presence or lack thereof.

Want to see something freaky?

Say "Dustin Keller" three times in the mirror and Mark Sanchez's completion percentage gets ridiculously close to Keller's catch rate!

Of course the numbers aren't as close (off by 1.1% in Keller's favor) in 2009, but it's hard to not see some sort of connection. Hopefully Keller's presence will help Sanchez, but it's not as if Keller's presence alone is going to boost Sanchez up over the 70% mark.  Keller will undoubtedly help the Jets, but what I'd like to see is whether Keller's availability to play will raise Sanchez's abysmal pass rate, or whether Keller numbers will fall in line (as he has over the past two years) with his quarterback.

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