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As he recovers from the apparent shock of his dismissal from the Indianapolis Colts, Dwight Freeney made some interesting comments regarding his future yesterday during a Sirius XM interview. While it's still early and money, in the end, talks, Freeney did speak of the Jets and Giants as potential suitors as he looks to move closer to his hometown Hartford Connecticut. He was particularly fond of Rex Ryan's schemes and envisioned a role in which he could thrive.

But he also said the Jets would be intriguing, too. Freeney, the Colts franchise leader in sacks, said he admired the way Rex Ryan's system could get him favorable matchups and sack opportunities.

“We’ll see, obviously Rex is a great guy, I actually know Rex, I met him a few times,’’ Freeney said. “Obviously playing in New York, that is obviously something that’s very attractive. Scheme-wise, I’m sure Rex knows how to free guys up. That would be a good fit but a lot of teams would be a good fit. I’m an east coast guy, it makes sense, it feels good but we’ll see the next few weeks who’s actually interested.’’

Freeney just turned 33 two days ago and his production drop last season gives me pause. That said, he would be an upgrade from the crop of players the Jets currently have on the roster. Of course much of this will come down to how much money Freeney wants. I think he has an idea that he isn't going to break the bank with his next suitor but money is money for an aging veteran and I just can't envision a way the Jets would be able to acquire Freeney without making sacrifices in areas where they simply cannot given their cap constraints.
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