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In an article over at CBS New York, Kristian Dyer presents a controversial take on what the Jets should do with their quarterback position.

He concludes - while admitting that it might not be the most popular of ideas - that Mark Sanchez would be a better option than any of the guys on the open market that the Jets might be consider adding. Obviously that would be contingent on renegotiating Sanchez's contract so that he had a much lower salary in 2014. His reasoning:

The excuse last year for rookie quarterback Geno Smith always was that while he still had a steep learning curve, he could have been much better if he had actual weapons around him. But in 2011, Sanchez was blamed for all the struggles of the Jets offense – this despite a horrid offensive line and a similarly bad, if not worse, array of “weapons.” Yet Jets fans want to run Sanchez out of town for his struggles (and, yes, he certainly had some forgettable games) and anoint Smith for the future. They can excuse Smith because of a lack of weapons, yet they are unwilling to give Sanchez the same slack. Smith gets a free pass for his interceptions because he didn’t have good talent around him, while Sanchez is lambasted despite having equally poor targets, a worse offensive line, and a nonexistent running game.

Once back in the fold, Dyer suggests that Sanchez could offer a "stiff challenge" to incumbent starter Geno Smith next season.

After the 2012 season, it seemed inevitable that Sanchez would never play again for the Jets. The decision was ultimately taken out of the Jets hands in 2013 when Sanchez suffered a season-ending injury in preseason. The passage of time, along with being forced to endure some of Smith's growing pains in his rookie campaign, seems to have dampened this sentiment, but we'd imagine that Sanchez would have a short leash from many fans, who would soon lose patience once he started turning the ball over again.

Maybe Kristian has a point that you could blame some of Sanchez's shortcomings on things which Geno Smith is getting a pass for, but our belief is that Sanchez did have plenty of talent around him earlier in his career, yet was still maddeningly inconsistent. Also, it's okay to give a rookie a pass for making rookie mistakes, but Sanchez was still making rookie mistakes in his third and fourth seasons. In addition, there were few signs from last year's short-lived preseason campaign that these mistakes were going to be eradicated from his game.

The Jets-Sanchez marriage has been one that has been on the rocks for some time and the sense that they could both benefit from a fresh start still seems to be the most logical approach. However, it's not impossible for a player to look like he's destined to be on his way out of town over a period of a few years only to turn their career around and improve their value. A recent example of this would be Alex Smith, who the 49ers resisted a couple of opportunities to get rid of and it paid off for them when he had a career year in 2012, helped the team transition to Colin Kaepernick and returned them some decent value in a trade.

We're sure Kristian is right that this is an idea that won't be too popular, but just how unpopular? We're interested in your take, so let us know by responding to the poll below and feel free to go into more detail in the comments.

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