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Ben Shipgel writes a good summation article of how the Jets and Braylon Edwards got to here in the NY Times.  In it, he mentions Ryan's respect for Edwards and why it was an important part of the Jets offense.

Saying he always had “a great deal of admiration and respect” for Edwards, Coach Rex Ryan last month praised him for his work ethic, toughness and unselfish nature. In the “Playing Like a Jet” videos that the team showed players the day after games, Edwards was a constant presence — as a blocker. Asked about Edwards on Monday, Ryan deferred to the past.

“You guys know what I’ve always said about Braylon,” Ryan said, adding, “So you know how I feel about him.”

As I've written about a lot in the last 24 hours, Edwards might not catch 30 balls between now and the end of the season, but he will give the team a solid blocker on the outside to help the Jets stretch the field on running plays.  At his size and speed, he's willing and able to use his leverage against interior players.  I wanted to look back at some of the blocks he made on Wildcat plays for Brad Smith, and he had some great downfield blocks as well as some good edge-setting blocks from lined up out wide (not crack blocks) and he could hold his own due to his size.

I'm not saying we're heading back to the good old days, but watch this and remember what this offense looked like just two years ago ... the one at 3:22 is my all time favorite.

(NSFW Eminem lyrics ahead ...)


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