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So whether you are Tebow fatigued or not, this is still kind of funny.

Apparently during ESPN's coverage of media day yesterday, one might have noticed an on-air conversation between Hannah Storm and Mark Schlereth in which they never mentioned, but are obviously candidly discussing Jets quarterback Timothy Tebow.  Schlereth shares with Storm that the player in question has no ability to convert into a tight end  or h-back as he can't naturally catch the ball, something I think we all remember from the Dolphins game in which Tebow attempted a facemask catch.

You know a story like this has struck a nerve when this clip is running roughshod over YouTube in all its handheld pirated video footage of a grainy TV glory.

It's nothing that we don't know already for ourselves, but isn't this the sort of information that Sclereth should be paid to share on-air?  Has he ever done so on NFL Live?  Or does ESPN tell him that he can't do so openly?  Maybe this is just the sort of information that ESPN doesn't want discussed because it doesn't play into the cloying recipe that they seem set to see through with Tebow?

Either way, it's still great to see ESPN get hoisted by their own petard.

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