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Over the weekend, Antonio Cromartie joined CBS Sports That Other Pregame Show and spoke about playing for Rex Ryan, playing with rookie Dee Milliner and what his future with the Jets might be. When asked about the Jets, Cromartie told the CBS Sports crew the following:

"I don't know. My biggest thing is to make sure that I'm healthy for anything that ... happens. I just want to take care of myself. Like I tell everyone else, I always want to be a Jet, and I want to retire a Jet. That's my stand, and that's how I'm going to keep it."
See the video here.

No surprise there as Cromartie has made it plain of late that he wants to retire as a Jet. We've already written a post about how the situation might play out but the $5 million bonus that awaits Cromartie in March will precipitate the Jets cutting as part of any deal that would be made.

Cromartie is dogmatic in his conditioning and we think that his dedication to his health has been a key to letting him play at such a high level until this year. If the Jets think Cromartie's play can rebound in 2014 once he gets more healthy, then it would make sense to re-sign him while potentially hedging their bets in the secondary with some other acquisitions.

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