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The Big Lead found a video of the Jets getting harangued by fans as they went into the locker room for halftime on Thanksgiving night.  It is equally horrifying, depressing, amusing, pathetic all while being true.  I think you can quickly get a sense of the overall negativity that Fireman Ed is talking about from this clip.  I think this also helps me better understand where Dustin Keller was coming from the other night with his tweet about the fans, if this was just a taste of what it was like.

I confess that I am very conflicted about putting this clip up here, as a fan it's almost too embarrassing (for fans and players alike) to share, but at the same time, I think it just goes to show how quickly things have gone downhill for this team and fanbase.  Rex Ryan was right a few weeks ago after that Dolphins loss.  No one does believe in this team, not its fans and maybe more chillingly, even it's players.  There's no pride in them as they skulk into the locker room trying to make it past the verbal assaults as quickly as possible.  In New York, it isn't about bold statements or the reservation of making bold statements, it is what it's always been about.  It's about winning. And if it's not about winning, it's losing with some dignity.

Oh and by the way, if there's kids in the room?


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