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That was disgusting. Glass half-full, glass half empty it's hard to imagine that this season will, on the whole, turn around for the Jets. That was the team that bumbled ass-backwards into a win against the Dolphins, and who gave up against the Niners. After a three week hiatus, that team was back.

Going into the bye, the Jets had a chance to square their record against a surging divisional opponent and came out totally flat against a riival they were talking about all week. The bill on the Jets brashness is finally coming due.

Now at 3-5, there are far more questions than there are answers. Questions about the starting QB, questions about the team's lack of leadership, questions about the defense's inability to stop even a backup quarterback of a divisional opponent.

Most of all the questions will be about the quarterback, the backup, and why the team traded for a player last spring who they're clearly afraid of.

Oh and there's two weeks to ask all those questions.

[sny-box]The Rundown

Mark Sanchez had another unimpressive day, going 28 of 54 for 283 yards with a touchdown and interception and a fumble. Sanchez is not doing much to ensure his long term viability as a starter in New York. Even so the Jets stubborn unwillingness to use Tim Tebow is now the elephant in the room. Tannenbaum and Ryan might have hoisted themselves on their own petard.

The Dolphins had 239 yards of total offense and won 30-9… wrap your head around that.

Shonn Greene ran for a 5.1 YPC average but wasn't able to make the impact on the Dolphins stout run defense

The self-inflicted wounds were again the story. The Jets could not get out of their own way all game and the Jets coaches did nothing to flip the script. [/sny-box]

The Jets are now 3–5 and headed into the bye and a week layoff. In two weeks time, the division has essentially slipped out of their hands and looking at the remaining schedule they'll be lucky to win enough games to put them at .500.

The next two weeks are going to be *very* hot in New York for Mark Sanchez, Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum specifically. Mark Sanchez is dangling by a thread, seemingly unable to focus his game or elevate that of others.

After that game, I seriously wonder about Tannenbaum's tenure after the season, and while I thought Rex was immune, that game gave me serious pause.

A coach trying to get the attention of his team would tell them to cancel their vacation plans this week, I fully expect Rex tomorrow to not do that but also give his players some extra time off to as we've heard so many times before, 'focus for the second half.'

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