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After many years as the leader of the Jets chant during at the stadium, Ed Anzalone has decided to step back from his prominent role on game day, as Kristian Dyer exclusively learned for Metro New York.  You can read Ed Anzalone's own words in an open letter written in Metro about the matter.

Anzalone said fans have gotten nasty and confrontational with him, often mistaking him as part of the organization when he is merely a season ticket holder “who has never received a dime from this team.”
I know people have mixed feelings about Ed, but no matter how you might feel it's hard to not get a little depressed to realize that the guy can't even hang out among fellow fans without getting blasted for it.  Sorry to hear that it's come to this.  I don't think that there will be a change of heart on this based on his reasoning.  He's had fun, it's been a privilege, but now the burden has outweighed that.  Again, sorry it's come to that among fans of the same team.
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