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Snow might not stop the Super Bowl, but it sounds as if a mini municipality revolt might try to ... mayors in the Meadowlands district are putting their foot down on providing emergency services to next year's Super Bowl with no remuneration for the cost.

A faction of Meadowlands District mayors is threatening to withhold police and other emergency services for next year’s Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium, saying they’ve been little compensated for the mounting cost of municipal services at past stadium events.


The decision by some mayors, announced this week in a news release, is in response to overtime expenses local governments say they’ve incurred and have had to absorb in providing emergency services for events at the stadium complex in East Rutherford.

"The stadium … has done little to help offset any costs for the surrounding communities when larger events occur at the stadium," Secaucus Mayor Michael Gonnelli said in the release. "With one of [the] world’s largest sporting events coming to the East Rutherford venue, there is little doubt that the mayors will be expecting a call that their services are needed.

"The answer will be clear," Gonnelli said: "Don’t ask."

In the end this won't shut down the Super Bowl, but the NFL does regularly bully the cities that they have to work with around stadiums ... we just saw that with the Bills stadium.  The NFL and the operating committee for the Super Bowl has the money to spend on properly compensating the towns for their workers ... they just want to see if they can get away with not paying them first.  
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