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All over the country, NFL Draft prospects will be watching intently for their name to be called.  Army QB Trent Steelman, who is trying to convert to a Julian Edelman style wide receiver answered some questions about his experience so far in the draft process, what his plans are for this weekend and how much contact he's had with the Jets.  

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1) How do you feel about your chances this weekend at the draft?I feel good. I know that whatever happens, it is all a part of God's plan for me and I trust that. Even though there maybe some uncertainty with me, I think the teams realize the value I bring to them table: versatility, strong work ethic, and leadership. All I am looking for is that one opportunity and I promise I will not let whoever takes that chance down.

2) What are your plans for this weekend? Where will you be watching the draft unfold?My family is coming up from Kentucky and we will be spending the weekend in the New York City. I will probably be watching it from a restaurant with my family.

3) How has the transition from quarterback to wide receiver gone? What's been particularly challenging?It has gone exceptionally well. I have been working relentlessly for past the four months to get better at the position and I feel as if I had made tremendous progress. All the scouts were really "wowed" by how comfortable the transition as been for me. The biggest challenge for me has just been mastering the little things that are going to separate a good receiver from a great receiver such as not selling my routes to short, working in and out of my cuts, and adjusting to different types of thrown balls.

4) What has the pre-draft process been like for you? Where have you been working out? Who have you met with that you get a good feeling from?It has been fun and I have been soaking in every minute of it because I will never get to experience something like this again. I have been working at school with my strength coach. I have gotten calls from about 14 different teams but the Jets and the Ravens have expressed the most interest. I love the culture and attitude that surrounds both of these teams and would be honored to play for either of them.

5) Would you like to play for the Jets? What about playing in New York is attractive to you?I would love to play for the Jets. Like mentioned before, the attitude and culture that this organization has developed fits my characteristics as football player and individual perfectly. I feel as if the Jets are on their way to do something special and I want to be a part of that. Not to mention they have an unbelievable fan base and support from a great city that would be a honor to be a part of.

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