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The Syracuse mafia from amongst the Jets press will be deep in their cups tonight, it's official that Doug Marrone has been hired away from Syracuse to head to the Bills.

The Buffalo Bills named Syracuse's Doug Marrone as their new head coach, the team said on Monday in the hope that the offensive-minded college coach can turn around the struggling franchise.
We like Marrone a lot but are very cautious to see how he will transition back to the pro game on a team like the Bills.  The Bills have had a hard time keeping any momentum in recent years and this year was supposed to be the year that they turned things around in the AFC East with additions like Mario Williams and others.  Marrone was of course the Jets offensive line coach from 2002 - 2005 and his star has been in ascendancy of late where he did a great job in bringing the Syracuse program along in recent years.  Marrone is a good coach, but just remember that you should be ready for some flowery bouquets thrown at the feet of Marrone next season during Bills week from the Jets beat. :)
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