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Here's a quick and dirty Jets perspective free agency update.

Too Little Too Late -- This seems to be the theme for the Jets 2013 free agency.  Cimini says he spoke with DeVito about his deal and that the Jets came late and came low.  Hard to blame him his move to Kansas City ... enjoy the BBQ, Mike.

Gucci Loved New York -- From what we hear, LaRon Landry tried his best to stay in New York, taking the offer the Colts made for him back to the Jets to see if they could match it.  The Jets had to say no to matching the four year $24 million deal that he got from the Colts.  It's not unexpected, but it's a signal that LaRon really liked being in New York and wanted to stay but made a business decision that's hard to fault ... if that's any consolation.

QB Rush? -- The Jets might have wanted to re-think the David Garrard signing after some of the players who have surprisingly become available in the past few days.  We've heard from eyewitnesses at the Garrard workout that he didn't look so hot ... yet the team signed him anyway.  Now with Ryan Fitzpatrick randomly cut after the leaked Nix conversation and then the news that Kevin Kolb could be available.  They're not great options, but they're better than what the Jets have been considering.

The Butler Did It -- Former Cowboy Victor Butler is someone the Jets have wanted to bring to New York for a deal, but is someone who many GMs seem to have been secrely eyeing to bring in and it might just be up to Victor Butler to pick the team he wants to go play for.  Beyond the Jets, the Steelers have expressed interest and it sounds like the Saints are also in the running.

Running His Route -- Brandon Gibson left town without a contract today ... the Jets did their best to sign him but next up is Miami.  The Jets are going to be a tough sell this year to potential free agents that are willing to come to Florham Park this offseason it seems, there's not a lot of money and there's not much chance of Super Bowl glory ... 

Keller Leaves Miami -- Welp, Dustin Keller left Miami without a contract and probably for monetary reasons this afternoon ... but it could also be that the Dolphins were unwilling to give him a multi-year deal.  It doesn't necessarily mean he won't end up signing with the Dolphins and haunting the Jets twice a season ... but at least for now ... no Keller in Miami.

Dagger in the Heart -- Leon Washington is back in the AFC East and will compete in New England for the kick return job and potentially more.  Washington was the second best returner in the league last year with a 29.0 YPR average on kicks.  The weird thing is that Devin McCourty and the Patriots were pretty effective in kick returns last year, so while the expectation is that Washington might be nothing more than a returner on the Patriots, his style is suited to the spread and hurry up system that the Patriots run, so while he's likely competing for a final roster spot, he's in a good place to do so.  I've always been a big fan of Leon since he was thrust into the starter role back in 2006 ... feeling very conflicted about this ...

The Other Side -- Here's a report from the opposite perspective in Tampa of the Revis trade that came out on Thursday.  Not sure what it means, but I think it's an interested read at the least and  we wanted to make you aware of it.

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