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What's going on with the Jets in free agency?  What about rumblings about the draft?

Around the Corner -- Well, the Brent Grimes gambit hasn't seemed to work to entice the Jets into trading Revis, as the Bucs seem out of it and the Dolphins now his main suitor.  Oh and this, now the Bucs might be feeding their interest in Xavier Rhodes to the media.

Fred Davis

Freddie Friday -- Sounds like the Jets are going to bring in Fred Davis tomorrow for a visit.  Buffalo has had their shot, but they can't seem to get the job done, now Davis will give the Jets a crack.  The Jets are serious about looking at the spot, so should they not land a productive veteran look and see if they don't target someone in the draft.

Pro Day Imperfection -- Matt Barkley didn't blow anyone away with his Pro Day workout.  Apparently some of his passes fluttered in the "gentle breeze" of SoCal.  Hmmm.  Greg Cosell recently called him a "mid-level starter" for the NFL.  Still, it sounds like ESPN's Adam Schefter still pragmatically believes that the USC passer will be a top 16 pick in the 2013 Draft.  "Most people around the league expect that Matt Barkley will be a first-round pick," Schefter told SportsCenter. "The question is how high. It would not surprise a lot of people if Matt Barkley wound up going in the top half of the first round. Because that's where quarterbacks wind up going."

Austin City Limits -- Sounds like the Rams are interested in WRs and the name Tavon Austin continues to be brought up ... but will he be there for them at #16?  Austin seems to be an interesting phenomenon in this class and seems to be steadily climbing higher and higher ... it will be interesting to see where he actually lands.

Is There Escape from a Black Hole? -- QB Carson Palmer is ready to move on from the Raiders.  While it sounds magnanimous that he's willing to take less somewhere else, he's going to get his money from the Raiders if they can't deal him ... and in most likelihood they won't be able to.  Palmer has said he wants to play for a contender but not many contenders out there don't have their starting quarterback spot settled.  Palmer is breaking down, but he's still got a rifle for an arm and can connect on deep passes.  Granted, he's not very mobile and would need good pocket protection.  While I don't know if it's very likely, would the Jets be a potential landing spot?  It's doubtful.  The Jets would have to convince Palmer that adding him makes them a contender.

DHB to the DET? --DHB might end up with the Lions after not striking a deal with the Colts and feels like it would be a good fit.  Detroit would make a lot of sense for DHB, but should he not be able to work something out with the Lions ... maybe then the Jets will get a shot.  The Jets seem to be marginally interested in receivers ... so look and see if they don't revisit Massaquoi or a mid-level possession style receiver if they don't pull the trigger on a playmaker like Tavon Austin.

A Change of the Change of the Guard? -- The Jets seem to be willing to let both Matt Slauson and Brandon Moore walk, but neither seems burning up the free agent circuit either.  So far the Cowboys haven't made an offer to Moore, but could the Jets be able to grab one of the two of them should they not catch on with a team in the next month?

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