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It's Friday and the Jets are doing ... something!  Here's an Arcade Fire song about lost innocence, that many of us probably feel like we're experiencing all over again with the Jets.

The Schwartz May Not Be With Us -- The Jets were rumored to be in the mix for former Vikings OL Geoff Schwartz as a backup option to re-signing Matt Slauson.  This morning, Schefter reports that Schwartz is expected to join the Chiefs.  So much for that, but maybe it's a sign that the Jets feel confident in their ability to re-sign Slauson?

Some Potential Signings? -- So far the Jets free agency haul has consisted of ... ... ... Lex Hilliard.  Today, the Jets host both RB Mike Goodson (Raiders, Panthers) and OLB Antwan Barnes (Ravens, Eagles, Chargers) players that the Jets stand a good chance of signing.  Goodson needs some refinement to his game, but could be a good complement to the team's new system.  Barnes would be a good pass rusher for the Jets and would have familiarity with Rex from their shared time in Baltimore.

Keller Turns Sights On New York -- There's been some speculation that maybe Keller could come back to the Jets, but according to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, there's also indications that the Jets might not be the only New York team Keller is talking with ... the Giants and Bills might be in the mix.  Honestly?  I'd be kind of perversely fascinated to see how Keller would work with a QB like Eli Manning.  And when I say QB like Eli Manning, I mean one who doesn't suck.

Keep Austin Weirdly Productive -- Tavon Austin is teeny-tiny, but that doesn't mean he won't be an NFL top 15 pick.  As is his wont, Jaws was gushing about Austin's abilities yesterday.

Laugh, Don't Cry -- In case you haven't seen this from SI's Jimmy Traina, he Storify'ed a question that the Jets official Twitter account asked that you knew couldn't end well.  Take a look if you need a bit of a laugh about the Jets.

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