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The Jets have made it known that they'd like to keep LaRon Landry on their team in 2013.  The reality of that might be hard to come by, but yesterday some news broke about LaRon's brother, Dawan Landry was just released by the Jaguars on Friday.

Dawan doesn't have the same athleticism that LaRon does, but it's pretty good.  Dawan plays best in run-support, or when moving up on the ball over dropping into coverage.  Landry has good size and strength and good speed for the safety spot. Dawan Landry is known as a good tackler when filling the lanes or out in isolation outside the box and  good play recognition skills in the pass, but wouldn't be the type of player to drop in either one-deep or two-deep coverages.  

Could the Jets make a play for the other Landry?  It's hard to say, but they are down at the safety spot and unless the Jets plan to start both Bush and Allen, their roster right now needs more people at the safety spot.  We'd guess that re-signing LaRon Landry would be the priority, as he'd bring more to the table under the scenario where the Jets move away from Revis this offseason. 

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