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Where are we even supposed to start?  The four picks? The fact that the defense held the Titans to 14 points in the face of five turnovers? The fact that Mark Sanchez is a withered and lifeless husk of a quarterback?  The mind-boggling playcalls of Tony Sparano?  That the Jets couldn't stick with the run when it matters most?  The fact that Rex Ryan stolidly refused to bench Mark Sanchez even after four picks?!?

Any reprieve that Mark Sanchez earned last week from his performance last week is out the window now after a four interception and fumbled snap game.  The Jets are now into pride mode for the next two games, and full offseason evaluation mode.  Woody Johnson badly wants to win a Super Bowl?  Prove it this offseason ... because the offseason is already here.

[sny-box]The Rundown

You're An Enabler! -- I've defended Rex Ryan as much as possible to this point, but his unwillingness to dress three quarterbacks and his unwillingness to play anyone other than Sanchez even in the most dire of circumstances is unconscionable.  I don't see how running a team like this allows him any slack from his boss, the owner of the Jets.  Mark Sanchez has 51 turnovers in the last 30 games.  That's insane.  Oh and the Jets dressed six receivers ... SIX ... instead of three quarterbacks.  Joe Klecko and Adam Schein both called Rex Ryan delusional on the postgame show.  DELUSIONAL.

Contract Be Damned -- Don't worry about the contract. Don't worry about the money that is owed to Mark Sanchez next year.  It doesn't matter.  He's so bad it's comical.  He's blindspotting safeties all over the place, he's overthrowing his running back just eight yards down the field on check downs. The money is already thrown down the hole ... DON'T JUMP IN AFTER IT.  Time to stop talking about the contract, and start talking about the on-field performance.  If someone else on the team can NOT create five turnovers in a game, why isn't that person starting at quarterback?  I honestly don't care if it's Shonn Greene, I don't care if it's Robert Malone, I don't care if it's Antonio Cromartie .. the Jets HAVE TO MOVE ON.  Anyone who is not on-board has to be left behind as well.

The Tebow Series -- It didn't look pretty, but the Jets gave Tim Tebow his first and only full series of the season.  After one first down the drive stalled badly and the Jets didn't use Tebow much at all after that point.

Defense -- The Titans are a bad team, but the Jets defense did EVERYTHING they could outside a few bad plays to keep this team in the game for the Jets.  Some decent interior pressure, some solid coverage, you can't ask the Jets defense to do more in the face of a five turnover performance.

Shankapotomus -- Not only did the Jets block a field goal, but the Jets were the recipients of TWO shanked punts and the Jets were unable to capitalize as well as they should have on those special teams gaffes by the Titans.

The Braylon Effect -- Edwards caught the second most passes (3 catches and 47 yards) on the team in his first game with the team and pulled an interference call for another first down.  I noticed something on his last catch -- his ability to contort himself to catch balls was something I forgot about.  Edwards was able to grab a pass thrown behind him by Sanchez and make it a catch ... something other receivers and tight ends on the roster can't seem to do.


It's harsh to say, but this is the kind of wake-up game that the organization needed.  There's no glossing over this anymore.  The Jets organization needs to take a serious look at this team top to bottom and figure out how to move forward from here.  It's going to be a mess, but the team can't stay the way it is next season in its current incarnation.

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