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For the first time since the Yahoo! story broke last week about Geno Smith and his ability to play quarterback, Geno spoke with USA TODAY about all the hubbub around

"I don't worry about what people say — my skin is pretty thick," Smith told USA TODAY Sports. "I've never been in trouble."

Smith denied a Yahoo Sports report that said one team was turned off when Smith seemed more pre-occupied with checking Twitter and texting than speaking with coaches during a pre-draft visit.

"That's not true," said Smith flatly. "I got strong remarks from all the teams I visited with. ... I couldn't care less what's coming out in the media because I know what's true."

Corey and I spoke with Mike Casazza of the Charleston Daily Mail on the podcast this past week and one of the big things that Casazza said of Geno is that he's a basically a good guy, but reserved.  Casazza granted that he only saw Smith in limited doses during media availability, but he still has more a sense of what makes Geno tick than most of the national and New York reporters would at this point.  Casazza said that what he knew about Geno, was that for the most part he was more comfortable playing on his iPad than partying.  That can be a good thing.  I get that Smith is refuting the charge that he was a wallflower who was more engrossed in his smartphone than in engaging with team officials on his official visits, but when you start thinking about how a Millenials versus Baby Boomers would perceive checking a phone, then I think we start to come closer to the story.

I completely get some unknown team(s) concerns about a guy becoming an NFL quarterback who isn't the quintessential quarterback, but that doesn't mean his personality can't work.  Smith is known for being exceptionally bright but maybe he's not the classic extroverted over-communicator ... I'm not going to say his personality can't work as a quarterback.  If he can make smart decisions on Sunday and move the football down the field and avoid turnovers, then that's what matters most.

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