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In the waning moments of yesterday's Jets-Bucs game, the Jets were out of timeouts and were trailing by two with 34 seconds left and the team was out of timeouts. Yet according to Willie Colon, Smith wasn't rattled by the moment and was commanding veterans as to their assignments.

USA Today's Jarrett Bell got a great story out of Willie Colon about the Jets last drive.

As Smith trotted onto the field with these circumstances at the end of the first regular-season game of his NFL career, the Jets rookie quarterback issued a directive to veteran guard Willie Colon.

"Just give me some extra time," he demanded.

"I got you," Colon shot back.

There wasn't much more to be said. Yet following a dramatic 18-17 victory against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — won on a 48-yard field goal by Nick Folk with 2 seconds left after Smith scrambled for 10 yards and drew a personal foul — Colon stood at his locker getting pressed for more details.

"He didn't caught up in the moment," Colon offered.

Where were you when he said it? Who else was there? Did he say anything else?

"It's not a movie," Colon countered, a bit exasperated. "This was not Rudy or Remember The Titans."

In terms of production, Geno Smith gave us about what we expected, some ups and some downs. Still, all spring he was painted by some in the national media as this brooding wallflower and from what I could see of him on the sideline and in this short interaction that Jarrett Bell recounts between him and Colon, that's doesn't seem to be the case. He might be terse in his demands, but to tell a longtime vet like Colon that he needs to give him a little more shows some moxie ... and something the Jets QB has needed a little more of for a while now.

If Geno can continue to throw some strikes to receivers, use his legs when plays break down, or wisely throw the ball away when he is out of options, he's got something that Marty Mornhinweg can build off. It's early, but the decision to move on from Mark Sanchez (which we believe was long overdue) is going to have some bumps, but from what we saw yesterday, no more than had they gone with Sanchez ... with the upside of it being much smoother over time, something Sanchez has struggled to demonstrate in the last two seasons.

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