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Geno Smith, contrary to popular belief, has been described as a perfectionist when it comes to his on the field exploits. We caught a glimpse of that yesterday when he gave himself an F as a grade despite a solid first outing. Today, per The Star-Ledger, we learned Smith held meetings with his offensive lineman prior to the start of mini camp because he wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page.

When rookie guard Will Campbell returned to his hotel room Thursday night, his roommate, quarterback Geno Smith, had already wrapped up a meeting with some of the other offensive linemen on the team.

For the past few weeks, Smith says he "studied his butt off" to grasp the first portion of playbook installations.

He began scanning film of quarterbacks who have had success in the West Coast system — Donovan McNabb, Joe Montana, Steve Young — and maintained an open line of communication with offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg and quarterbacks coach David Lee.

With Friday’s rookie camp looming, though, Smith still felt unprepared Thursday night. He wanted to make sure all the offensive linemen were on the same page with his cadence, and yelped out his basic "1" count, consisting of a color then a "set, hut!" to ensure nobody would jump offsides.

He happily went through the finer points again with Campbell, who is making the transition from defensive lineman to guard, before they went to sleep.

"It’s like listening to the general again," Campbell said of Smith. "He was telling me I need to be patient. He’s helping me out a lot. I feel the leadership role coming out of him early."

Once again, the anonymous sources are beginning to look like complete fools as Smith brushes off the criticism with ease and this latest gesture shows off his leadership skills. I'd speak my true feelings but, at the risk of being reprimanded I will say this: Yes, we're still early into the Geno Smith era however, people should be very careful about what they say because it may just come back to bite them.

Now, to the skit!

"And to think I, the common outsider, was under the impression that he was a diva that would further send the New York Jets into a spiraling hole. I mean 'leadership skills', that guy? He must be doing this to look good. The media would never lie to us! LOL Jets amirite?!"

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