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CORTLAND, N.Y. -- It was a bit of a mixed bag for the quarterbacks on the first day. Mark Sanchez looked very much like the incumbent. He was loose and exuded confidence that didn't seem to be there over much of the last two seasons. Does he not consider Geno Smith a threat? Perhaps. More likely it looks like Sanchez, as Eminem once poetically said, just does not give a -- well, you get the point. The bottom line is Sanchez looked so relaxed he overthrew a couple receivers -- on deep routes. Yeah, that's right. Sanchez overthrew wideouts 40 and 50 yards down the field. Bet Stephen Hill wishes he was that relaxed against the Patriots last season. Six (what up, Riggins!) also struggled a bit in the pocket. On back-to-back plays, Sanchez held the ball too long and took a sack and then had the ball batted down at the line of scrimmage. It was an eerie look into last season's struggles. Still, he made some nice throws at times, particularly a 40-yard seam route to Kellen Winslow, and -- like I said -- he was confident and loose, which has gotta count for something.

Geno also showed his highs -- a pretty strong arm and an ability to "make all the throws" -- and his lows -- a real difficulty with ball placement. The latter was somewhat muted Friday by some fantastic adjustments by the wide receivers, especially Stephen Hill, who slowed down along the sidelines and turned back inside to catch a ball that was thrown behind him and to the middle of the field. Geno could have, and should have led Hill along the sideline and allowed him to bring it in away from the defender, but Hill used his size and athleticism to turn poor placement into a nice catch. Poor ball placement isn't FREAKING OUT over yet, but it's definitely something to monitor and a bad habit that could get him (and his wideouts) in a lot of trouble once the Jets get into game action. The one thing I did like -- and I mentioned it above -- was Geno has a very nice arm. He didn't appear to struggle making any throws and slung a lot of what Brian termed "frozen ropes."

Like I said, a mixed bag, which wasn't entirely expected for the first day of training camp. Oh, and as for Mr. McElroy, let's just say the photo above was about as close as he got to the first team.

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