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Change can be a scary thing (hold me!) but one way or another there's some serious change about to come to the Jets through a new General Manager.  Here's our list of candidates in the stereotypically lazy power ranking style.  All rankings subjective and only intended to cause controversy among readers and commenters.  Use at your own discretion!

1. Tom Gamble -- He seems to be the hot option for the Jets for a number of good reasons.  Gamble has history with Rex from their fathers days in Philly.  Gamble is an outsider, but one with longstanding tradition and stability with an organization.  He's a man who has watched a team  turn over, but ultimately seen them do it in a way that focuses on harnessing the talent already on the roster while emphasizing the draft.  That and their offense resembles something that Rex would like to run in New York ... a pounding offense that is doing so largely on the back of a fantastic third round running back ... some dude named Frank Gore.  Beyond Gore though, the Niners prove how deep an organization they run with some other incredible depth at that one spot.  The wildcard here is how willing is Gamble to take a job and do so without bringing in his own coach in year one?

2. David Caldwell -- Caldwell might be one of the guys who seems to be one of the least known about, but might be one of the team's top candidates for the job.  Caldwell has an interesting blend of both old guard and new guard; Polian is one of his big influences, as is Thomas Dmitroff.  Word is that Polian spoke glowingly about Caldwell to the Jets and the Jets were keen to know Polian's thoughts as they headed into this process.

3. John Dorsey -- The darkhorse candidate right now and there's going to be a short window where the Jets will be able to make a strong pitch to him ... smaller than any of the other candidates, it seems.  Dorsey's name came out of thin air last night but looks like he's the shoo-in to the Chiefs job if he wants it.  That the Chiefs have not announced the move already seems to mean that if Dorsey's status with the Chiefs stays the same by 5PM today, then he's going to be in New York this weekend and taking everything into consideration.  Dorsey has lots of ties to Kansas City as well as ties to Andy Reid, so might have the most secure claim and bargaining rights based on other jobs he's already been offered.

4. Marc Ross -- It might come as a surprise to see Ross this low, but this seems to be where he's shaking out.  He's the crosstown guy from the organization that knows how to draft well high and low.  Ross knows what the New York media is all about and would be able to move out of the shadow of Jerry Reese while comfortably staying in the same area code.

5. Tom Heckert -- The Jets biggest cause for pause around Heckert is that he has a history of being a GM already.  Still, Heckert has made some good picks and worked on a team that looks to be drafting a lot better than they were before his arrival.  Heckert has deep ties to the Eagles organization during their heyday in the NFL as well as is familiar in working with current Jets Assistant GM Scott Cohen.

6. Scott Cohen -- He's an in-house candidate and while he might be a good choice for the Jets because of his existing relationship with Rex Ryan and the organization, that also might be the strike against him.  Since Cohen's arrival there's been a lot of peeking over the shoulder of the Eagles players with Austin Howard being a good example.  If Woody thinks the organization needs a breath of fresh air, them Cohen would not be the right candidate.

7. Brian Gaine -- Gaine's name has been mentioned with the Jets and that he might be coming to visit this weekend, but the Parcells ties could work against him in this round of interviews.  Woody is trying to distance himself somewhat from the influence of that era as we just saw by firing Mike Tannenbaum.  Are the Jets so willing to climb right back into the Parcells tree?

8. Bent -- Bent might have the most detailed understanding of the Jets roster, Jets cap space situation, and strengths and weaknesses of every player on the team.  Bent would make the ideal choice and with the Jets looking at cost-cutting as much as possible in the wake of a number of firings, Bent's contract demands are pretty modest.  Our reliable sources tell us Bent is demanding the following: a green card, a bigger TV screen on which to watch gametape and that British style Bubble & Squeak be available every day at the Jets cafeteria.

299. Mike Lombardi -- Well ... this one explains itself.  But just in case, no one understands the salary cap and that of the Jets less than Mike Lombardi.  No one gets it as consistently wrong as Lombardi does.  For that reason, he is our Mister Irrelevant of the New York Jets GM Coaching search!

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