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Rumors are rampant that today is the day that the Jets will pick their GM by this afternoon.  From what we hear it's down to two candidates, neither if which will be named Tom Gamble.

We know ... we know ... and we'll get to it later, but sufficed to say, Gamble might have ultimately declined the team.  Even so, the Jets have two very good candidates left and for the Jets, it comes down to either former Broncos GM Ted Sundquist or current VP of Administration for the Seahawks John Idzik.

Both are solid choices and whoever is named we can all agree that the Jets are going to need someone who has the following characteristics:

A Pragmatist -- Rex Ryan has a great football mind, but one of the things we've learned about him as his time at the Jets coach is that he's prone to getting a little carried away with himself.  He needs a GM to reign him in somewhat and have a more level-headed perspective.

Someone With Appreciation of Player Evaluation -- Tannenbaum wasn't totally unschooled in evaluating talent, but he did rely on his support staff to help him make judgement calls more of the time than maybe it seems the new GM will and should.  The Jets are going to need someone who has coaching/scouting/talent evaluation experience and can see the talent and judge the value for themselves.  Of course they will need to have

Someone Willing to Work With Rex -- Woody has made it clear that for 2013, Rex is his guy.  The Jets need to hire someone who is willing to work with a personality like Rex and who also isn't afraid to run contrary to him when required.

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