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Ross the Boss? -- Marc Ross might be the most sought after candidate this year and is getting a lot of attention from a number of teams.  Ross has interviewed with the Jaguars, Panthers, was reported that he would meet with the Jets and that the Chargers were also coming out east to interview him.  Ross has done a great job with Jerry Reese and Reese himself Still Ross is now in the midst of his interviews and it sounds like he might not even be the top guy anymore for the Panthers job (that honor might go to his Giants co-worker, David Gettleman), and then also how would he feel about working with Jim Mora who might have an edge in San Diego?

Kansas City Queue -- Albert Breer reported Friday night that John Dorsey is the clear top candidate for the GM gig in KC, but obviously there is no signed deal at this point, so expect to see Dorsey in New York talking to Woody Johnson over the weekend.  That said, it looks like Tom Heckert won't be coming to New York and is at least second in line in Kansas City and might be taking a job with the Chiefs with or without Dorsey.

Fallout in Cleveland -- Chip Kelly and Mike Lombardi aren't signed yet, but people in Cleveland seem to think that's who will land in the coach and GM spot.  Mike Lombardi has been very outspoken about his dislike of Brandon Weeden in the past, so could the Browns start to turnover their quarterback spot again this season?  Point being, could the Jets snag a backup on the cheap if Cleveland starts a fire sale?

Mike Tice Still Looking -- It looked like Mike Tice was going to get the Titans OC job for a minute, but that seems less likely now.  Should the Jets fire Tony Sparano and also Dave DeGuglielmo, would they be in the market for an established coordinator and/or line coach?  I'm not a huge fan of Tice, but he does have some NY roots ...

UPDATE 7:26AM: Gamble Interviewing With Browns --  Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported on Twitter last night that the Browns have asked the Niners permission to speak with Tom Gamble.  While the Browns might have their GM and coach already lined up, talking with Gamble could be serious, or could be a formality to keep up the propriety of any Browns/Banner/Kelly/Lombardi conspiring.

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