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This morning, Mike Florio writes on ProFootballTalk that David Caldwell's three interviews with the Jaguars have reached an impasse over money, which explains why Caldwell is en route to a meeting with the Jets since his plane just touched down.  Also, an interesting story about Gamble.

As we hear it, both teams want Caldwell.  But one league source says that Caldwell and the Jaguars had a financial gap that couldn’t be bridged, which has prompted Caldwell to explore more seriously the opportunity in New York.

And the opportunity in New York has arisen for Caldwell in part because, as we hear it, Tom Gamble’s interview with the Jets didn’t go well.

Florio is a hack, so I'm going to assume that this was a story fed to him.  Even if not, I could be completely wrong in my scoop or the Jets are throwing up a huge smokescreen right now.  Either way, I'm as baffled as you my dear reader.  Either way, I'd be happy with Gamble or Caldwell.  The Jets are focusing on the right candidates who have lots of experience, are smart football evaluators, and have the blessing of the man the Jets sought for advice on this search - Bill Polian.  More as we know it.
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