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With so many potential GMs interviewing all over, let's catch you up with the latest.  By the way this is super hard to compile in one place and our brain already hurts this mornig.  I know I'm going to get a ton of this wrong ... so caveat emptor or whatevs.  

Tom Gamble (SFO): Gamble still the likely first choice for the Jets.  Gamble has done well in San Francisco running the scouting (college and pro) for the Niners.  Gambe also has distant ties to Rex via their dads' time in Philly AND San Francisco has built their team the way Rex would like his to look. News broke last night that the Browns are interested in interviewing Gamble ... but we'll see how that goes.

Other Teams Still In Play: Jaguars (interviewed), Browns (interest), Chargers (interest)

David Caldwell (ATL): Caldwell was recommended to the Jets by Bill Polian and might be a strong candidate for the team.  While Caldwell interviewed in New York yesterday, all indications are that he's in the lead for the JAX  job.

Other Teams Still In Play: Jaguars (interviewed twice), Chargers (set interview), Browns (rumor)

Marc Ross (NYG): Marc Ross is so hot right now!  But as of yet it's hard to tell whether or not Marc Ross is in serious consideration for any of them yet.  Although Ross had Ernie Accorsi's devotion, it looks like Jerry Richardson in Carolina might prefer Gettleman so we're going to have to see how this plays out. Ross was also reported to be of great interest in Jacksonville, but now it seems like Caldwell has leapfrogged him.

Other Teams Still In Play: Panthers (interviewed), Jaguars (interviewed), Chargers (set interview)

John Dorsey (GB): Dorsey seems like a lock to land in Kansas City at this point, but it sounds like he's keeping his options open by travelling to New York first.

Other Teams Still in Play: Chiefs (rumored offer)

Scott Cohen (NYJ): The in-house candidate for the Jets.  We don't seem to know how serious the Jets are about him.

Other Teams Still In Play: None known

Brian Gaine (MIA): There's been so little news about Gaine mentioned otehr than the Jets potential interest.  It sounds like he would have a very outside shot to get the job at this point.

Other Teams Still In Play: None known

Bent (???): Bent has been reported to have raised his demands.  He now wants TWO flatscreen televisions in his office so that he can watch game tape on one, and the Celtics quest for the lottery on the other.

Other Teams Still in Play: Tottenham Hotspur, Boston Celtics, New York Mets

Conclusion: Try as we might get Bent into this candidacy, it looks like the hoity toity Korn/Ferry isn't having it.  Even so, the Jets seem to be in a race to land Gamble, Ross or Caldwell with Gamble being the most likely.  Ross's and Caldwell's candidacies seem to be setting up a musical chairs situation between them with the Jets being the team left out.  Of course, that won't matter much if the Jets get their man in the bargain and don't get punked by some third team like the Browns or Chargers.

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