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Need a little break from all the dreary news surrounding the Jets?

Fair enough! How about this homespun and endearing perspective from the grandmother of Jets backup quarterback Greg McElroy, Janet Costin?

It seems a TV station in Mrs. Costin's native Montana caught up with her to get her thoughts on the big game last weekend, talk about her grandson's (whom she refers to as Gregory) time in the league and how he's handling playing in New York. Costin tells the TV station that Greg is upbeat and "positive" about playing in New York and that because he's close friends with Mark that his succession to the starting spot was "bittersweet" for him.

Beyond that, Greg's grandmother also talked about a time they visited Great Falls when Greg was young.

Costin lives in Texas now, but she actually graduated from Great Falls High and still has friends in the area. She says McElroy visited Montana where she and her husband were explaining the story of Lewis and Clark.

"We were showing Gregory the big falls and telling him how Lewis and Clark discovered this part of the country. Gregory said that 'Lewis and Clark weren't real' and my husband had to explain how they had long since passed away. It turns out, Greg was confusing Lewis and Clark with the (1990s) TV series 'Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.'"

Click on the video player on the link to listen to the whole interview.

I love those sort of funny little quirky stories about players that their families tell about them.  It's the stuff that makes them more than just athletes to me as a fan.

Personally though, I'm with Greg. That show was not real at all.  It took Lois and Clark far too long to finally get together and end the stupid "will they won't they" vibe that plagued the entire show and of course eventually killed it.

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