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Mike Goodson is not at Jets OTAs on Wednesday, and his next court hearing that was scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed (Walder, June 11).

Goodson hasn't participated in OTAs yet this offseason.

“In this camp, it’s voluntary,” Rex Ryan said recently (TJB, June 4). “He hasn’t been here. He volunteered not to be here. And I’ll volunteer to not answer the question.”

He was previously offered a plea deal of a three-year prison sentence, which he would have to serve one year before being eligible for parole, the report said. Goodson rejected the offer.

Goodson and the driver of the car, Garant Evans, were indicted as co-defendants on second degree unlawful possession of a weapon — for the loaded gun locked in the glove compartment of the car — and fourth degree prohibited weapons and devices — for the hollow-point bullet (TJB, November 7).

He played in just two games for the Jets after serving a suspension under the league's substance abuse policy, then tearing both his ACL and MCL in October.

The Jets have added depth to the roster at the running back position as well as for special team return duties.  The team doesn't appear to be waiting around with bated breath for the return of Mike Goodson this fall.

A source from the Jets admitted last week that the Jets are waiting out the justice process.

“[The Jets] will hold onto Goodson until things become clearer on the legal side,” a team source told Metro.  “There’s no reason to release him now. It’s really a wait and see at this juncture.”

We're still waiting to see, but don't expect Goodson on the roster come September.

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