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Our man Kirk Cassels watched Hard Knocks last has a full run-down of the show.  Enjoy.

The first Hard Knocks episode with the Jets is a tough act to follow. It had colorful language from Rex, the drama of the Revis scenario, the intrigue of new players coming to the team and the close eye on Sanchez beginning his second year.
Last night's episode was not nearly as entertaining, unfortunately. But it did have a very unique moment in which punter Steve Weatherford ordered 100 or so Shake Weights for the team in order to get them "from the AFC Championship into the Super Bowl"

I can't tell if the clip is hilarious or disturbing.

Click through for other notes about the show and the share your comments. After all, I am only one person who watched the show and I know many of you have your favorite moments as well

The episode opened with shots of the deconstruction and eventual ruins of the old Giants stadium. There was an image of Bill Parcells being carried of the field in his Giants days, which was weird. But it was followed by a shot of (I think) either Kevin Mawae or Kyle Brady staking a Jets flag into the turf after their defeat of the Dolphins in 2002 to clinch the AFC East. That did not feel weird at all.

From there, it moved to practice where, while stretching, Damien Woody was doing his best impersonation of Allen Iverson's "we're talking about practice!" rant from years ago.

With no Revis drama to focus on, and no "they're going to get cut today" story for HBO, rookie running back Joe McKnight was spotlighted. While watching the episode, I see #25 lacking focus or being in another world. Santonio Holmes came to his side, insisting he keep asking questions during camp in order to learn. While coaches talk to McKnight, it's hard to tell if he's listening or not. Perhaps it's his personality. Or perhaps, according to Bart Scott, he's "mad cause he's taking a pay cut" after leaving USC.

Speaking of good old Bart, the coaches are clearly looking to him to be the leader, asking him to get in the face of his teammates and ask them to do better. A cute Bart moment was the little boy look in his eyes when the team went to a water park. Watching Bart now reminds me of Brian Cox back in the 90s, only I think Bart is better.

Another focus this week was on Kyle Wilson and Antonio Cromartie, in Revis' absence. Of course, they show Greene knocking Cromartie over in the Divisional playoffs last year. Hopefully, he won't be as afraid to hit this year as he was going down a water slide in Cortland this year. A subtly entertaining moment was when Cro was naming all of his kids, half of which are three years old, which means he was pretty busy back in 2006-2007.

The "diet" moments of the week were two cases of pretzel M&Ms emptying fast because, as one staffer said, "Rex liked them... and the players did too." To Rex's credit, he later got a small diet soda and a small popcorn with no butter during movie night when he went to see Dinner for Schmucks.

Sanchez continues to be the kid everyone loves. Whether he's ordering pizza in for delivery, telling Jenkins he knows karate, talking about how he likes orange anything (freezer pops, gum etc), or mocking the way #56 Lance Laury walks and calling him a "weirdo," he's always smiling— even when hitting the gym. I think I saw him wearing a Taco Bell hat in one scene as well.

Mark Brunell is serving as a great mentor to Sanchez with such quotes as, "It ain't the arrow, it's the Indian. You can't use the ball as an excuse." Brunell is also insistent that Sanchez will never meet his daughter, who is entering her freshman year of college sanchez likes orange anything, tells jenkins he knows karate
My favorite moment of the episode's coverage of Monday night's preseason game against the Giants was the great exciement in Woody Johnson's eyes as Sanchez took the field. A great line by Mark after the interception in the game was, "We can't shoot ourselves. That's the only way wer'e goig to lose game." The learning curve is apparent.

Rex didn't drop many f-bombs this week, but the narrator did note that Rex loves the c word... coaching. What did you think c word meant? Hearing Rex teach the defensive line techniques to get by offensive lineman or teaching them how to avoid over pursuit in a lateral play shows how much this coach knows about the details.

Staying on the topic of coaching, there was a nice spotlight on Mike Westhoff. Noting the nine major surgeries to his leg due to cancer was inspiring as you see Westhoff walking with canes and braces or special shoes. "I coach the way I do because I'm happy to be here," Westhoff said, further permeating the love for football throughout the team. During the game against the Giants, you hear Westhoff say "we're gonna block one" when it came to the Giant punting, and they did.

Another fun moment during coverage of the preseason game was the defensive coordinators refusing to leave the booth during a fire emergency.

Jenkins is great to watch each week because he is having so much FUN. There's a cute shot of him riding the golf car around and a nice montage of Jinx and Mangold being, as the narrator put it, "playmates." When you watch these two play against each other, you can only imagine how much better it is making them as the season approaches. "I got a little anxiety out of my system," Jenkins said as he got more comfortable on the field, with a HUGE smile.

Vernon Gholston was also put under the spotlight, and Rex has his back, citing the voluntary paycut Gholston took to help the team. Rex is looking to unleash the animal in Gholston and even turned to Rob Turner, #75, to instigate a fight to turn up the fire in Gholston. It appears to have had an effect. When it comes to Gholston, as well as McKnight, Rex continually says he's waiting for both of them to "drop [their] nuts" and play ball. Let's hope they do.

My favorite Rex line of the week was, "You dont have to see John Conner play, you can hear him play."

The end of the show was a little scary. After noting the secondary's depth and talent problems during the game, Rex looked like he was going to cry at end of it. "I didnt like intensity," he said, shortly before the narrator noticed Revis' absence.
Next week looks like it will be another fun one, as it highlights the players' night off and Braylon Edwards' beard. There will also be a focus on the position battle at offensive line between Matt Slauson and Vladimir Ducasse.

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