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John Clayton writes on ESPN that as of right now the Jets are in some dire straits when it comes to their 2013 cap situation.  While the new cap allows for applying the unused previous year's cap dollars to the 2013 season.  As it stands today, the Jets are allocated $3.4 million in carry over money which using today's roster as a projection makes it look as if they are $19.4 million above the cap.

Of course, it won't be as bad as all that.  They might end up carrying forward more cap room, but we'll have to wait and see how all their contracts, escalators and such play out.  Sometimes player incentive bonuses are not earned and that might give them more carry forward space than anticipated.  Of couse, that's probably a drop in the bucket compared to the quick savings they can earn by cutting players like Pace, Scott, and Jason and Eric Smith.  Tim Tebow could net them an additional $1.5 million and they will most likely try to get players like D'Brickashaw Ferguson or David Harris ($17 million in salary combined) to convert their hefty salaries to bonuses which could easily knock about another $10 million off that figure.

There's quick ways for the Jets to get there, but the problem will still remain that the team will only have 35 players under contract or as Rich Cimini thinks about 10 returning starters.  With anywhere between 20-30 million in cap space, the Jets will need to find almost 20 players to get to the minimum roster of 53 and not to mention they'll need to field what will amount to an entire side of the ball's worth of starters.

You can see why 2013 is looking to be a rough year for the Jets, but one can also see how important the draft will be for the Jets ... this year as well as last year's class.  Players like Josh Bush, Demario Davis and others are going to have to take on larger roles from the start of the season.

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