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I read an interesting perspective on the quarterbacks of this class this morning on Walter Football by Charlie Campbell and while the whole article is worth reading to get a lay of the land on this quarterback class, in short here's how the site stacks up this quarterback class to last year's.

If you were to take Geno Smith and include him in last year's class, I would place him behind Tannehill and above Weeden. Smith is pretty comparable as a prospect to Tannehill.

If Glennon were in the 2012 class, he would be behind Osweiler. Barkley, Tyler Wilson, Manuel, Bray and Nassib would all fit in the third- to fourth-round region where Russell Wilson and Cousins were selected in a more talented draft class.

Of course we get that this is all just conjecture, but helps to put some values on just what these players are worth.  So if Smith would have gone between Tannehill and Weeden, that would place him in the 9th to 21 picks of the 2012 Draft ... maybe closer to 9th based on the way Campbell phrases it.  I'm not quite sure what that means when you spin if forward to 2013, but it seems to me that either some team is going to reach for a player like Smith, or teams in need of quarterbacks might hang tight until the late first or second round to see a run of quarterbacks being taken.

As far as the Glennon comparison, if you are unfamiliar with Osweiler, it's because he was drafted with the 57th pick of the second round of the 2012 Draft to play behind Peyton Manning in Denver.  Oh and he's also a behemoth, standing 6'7" tall ... yeesh.  The guess there is that he'll be the guy that the Broncos try to groom to take over for Manning eventually with little pressure on Manning in the short term.

If there's one saving grace about this draft, it's that while it might not be very talented at the quarterback spot, it's rich and deep in talent in many areas where the Jets are sorely lacking.

Definitely read the whole article because the site ranks the quarterbacks by characteristics (arm strength, accuracy, ball security, intangibles, etc.) that help to flesh out the picture of who these players are and helps to understand how they might (or might not) fit with the Jets.

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