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On Tuesday during his press conference, Rex mentioned the loss of their star receiver Santonio Holmes and what effect it had on the offense.  With that in mind, Kristian Dyer looked into how the Jets performed with and without Santonio.

In the first four games of the season (Holmes was injured in the fourth quarter of the fourth game), the offense averaged 284 yards per game. Shockingly, the offense in fact improved to average 304.25 yards per game after the Holmes injury. So without a player whose absence Ryan claimed negatively impacted the team, the Jets actually averaged 20 yards per game more without Holmes.

Of course though those numbers don't exist in a vacuum, since the Jets played a bunch of really bad team at the very end of the season.  Even so, it's not good that their offense was better without him than with him.  The real determiner of Santonio against the team (we think) is Jeremy Kerley.

Since we're a bit of a numbers wonk, we closely watched how Jeremy Kerley performed after the absence of Santonio.  At the start he was ripping up defenses.  Once teams got wise to defending him, his numbers sagged somewhat.  Still, the point is that at the end of the season without anyone else to work with to take away double teams and the like, Kerley ended the year even in terms of value with where Santonio had been done after his first month with the team ... right at the replacement level of receivers (ranking in the 60s).

In my mind, that's not very flattering to Santonio's prospects but a commendation of the work that Kerley did.  Without much help from the quarterback spot or his fellow receivers, Kerley had the same level of output as a guy who is supposed to be better than him with a player of Kerley's caliber helping to take pressure off him.

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