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It's clear that the Jets are going to need to stockpile some playmakers in the upcoming spring draft.  So who are some players that they should be considering?

Football Outsiders writer Matt Waldman has a deep-dive look into Baylor WR Terrance Williams and why he might project well to the pros based on his abilities to learn and adapt so far in college.  Using Williams progress at the Senior Bowl as a lead-in to his film work, Waldman has a thesis on Williams worth considering.

Williams' growth as a player hasn't been isolated to a few days of a college all-star game practice in late January. The Baylor star has demonstrated improvement with his game since I watched him last year.
And then this as a somewhat backhanded, but also promising conclusion.

He's not the most refined technician in this draft class and he's not the best athlete. But from what I'm seeing, he's on track to develop into a strong combination of both.
I'm not saying that the Jets need to run out and get Williams, but should he be around at the start of the second round, his name might be on the short list.  So far, Williams' name hasn't surfaced much as a first rounder in mock drafts, but pay attention to his name in the next month.  Playing at Baylor, Williams was overshadowed by RGIII last year, but seemed to have come into his own in 2012.  Gil Brandt is one of the few so far to have him in the first round.  
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